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An Ode to the Prom

Amidst the green and luscious sites we roamed,
Where nature’s beauty truly found its home,
Wilson’s Prom, a haven sweet and fair,
Where joyful campers found delight to share.

Beneath the canopy of verdant trees,
A peaceful refuge whispered in the breeze,
The campsites, like emerald jewels in bloom,
Inviting hearts to rest and souls to groom.

The staff, a beacon of warm hospitality,
Their kindness wrapped in joyful joviality,
Guiding us with smiles and cheerful aid,
In this serene oasis where memories were made.

Oh, Wilson’s Prom, your charm so bright,
A place where worries vanish from sight,
In this haven, we found our spirits soar,
And left with hearts that wanted nothing more.

So here’s to Wilson’s Prom, a cherished mark,
In nature’s embrace, where joy embarks,
May your green and luscious beauty stay,
To welcome travelers along their way.